Dr DisRespect Gets Warned By Twitch to Stop Doing One of His Signature Moves on Stream

by Albert Petrosyan


Streamer 'Dr DisRespect' is known for his unapologetic and unabashed attitude regarding his actions and words on stream.

One of the more eccentric personalities on Twitch, the Doc's strange antics are well documented, such as making out with his chair or licking his beard comb.


However, it appears that the Doc has finally crossed a line with Twitch, which has gotten him a red flag and warning.

He went live on August 9 to announce to his viewers that Twitch had contacted him and warned him to stop "grabbing his crotch" while streaming, which is known to be one of his signature moves.


He delivered the message in classic style, singing it to his audience while dancing to the beats of electronic music, surrounded by the backdrop of his 'Champions Club' nightclub overlay. 

"Hi, Doctor, you cannot grab your crotch no longer. Oh Doctor, we are Twitch, you can't grab your crotch no longer."


While he often presents himself as an unstoppable kingpin of streaming, the Doc is seemingly powerless when it comes to direct warnings from Twitch.

However, It will be worth keeping an eye to see if the popular streamer does "grab his crotch" from time to time, seeing as old habits can sometimes be hard to overcome.