Dr DisRespect Gets Roasted by a Random Squad Mate on PUBG

The self-proclaimed ‘most ruthless competitor in the online gaming community’ may have met his match.

When it comes to Twitch, Dr DisRespect has separated himself from the pack of other creators for his incredibly unique spin on streaming and content creation in general.

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His growth over the course of recent years has allowed him to gain a substantial amount of name recognition across the gaming world, only continues to grow as time goes on with such a massive base of fans.

This fanfare allowed him to have a Dr DisRespect weapon skin introduced into PUBG, one of his most-played titles, in June after he ‘publicly demanded it’ from the game’s developers, which could be obtained by fans for $9.99 and was known as the ‘Speed and Momentum’ crate.

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PUBG also released a ‘Ghost Crate’ in honor of Michael ‘Grzesiek’ Shroud alongside the one for the Doc, with both streamers being some of the largest personalities to play the game on a consistent basis.

However, while dropping-in with a random player, Dr DisRespect got a taste of his own medicine after his teammate cheekily mentioned that he only got Shroud’s crate, rather than his, in a hilarious exchange.

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The full clip can be viewed below.