Dr Disrespect fires back at LIRIK's PUBG 'stream sniping' with hilarious donation

Brent Koepp

Dr Disrespect continued his ongoing ‘feud’ with Saqib ‘LIRIK‘ Zahid by trash-talking him via a donation, following up on a previous ‘stream sniping’ incident between the two popular Twitch stars.

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Popular Twitch streamers have to deal with the unpleasant aspect of being stream sniped all the time, as their large presence makes them an easy target. 

Given the larger than life persona that Dr Disrespect is, he is a hotbed for being harassed as griefers know they will get an entertaining reaction out of him

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The Two-Time was ‘stream sniped’ by LIRIK

During a stream on July 27, Dr Disrespect was in the middle of a match in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, when he was brutally taken down by another player.

The Two-Time champion immediately erupted with anger in typical Doc fashion, and accused the player of being just “another” stream sniper who wanted attention. In a hilarious and rather unexpected turn of events, the player turned out to be LIRIK.

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LIRIK vs. Dr Disrespect

LIRIK was streaming two days later on July 29 when he received a $10 donation from none other than the Doc himself, who then begin to trash-talk him after their brief PUBG encounter.

“Wow, you hop in PUBG just to hack and stream snipe me for a quick laugh,” LIRIK read out loud for his audience to hear. “Makes me sick!”

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The streamer took the whole thing in stride and found the donation absolutely hilarious, and didn’t wish any bad blood between the two. Instead, he explained that the entire thing was just a ‘coincidence.’

“Yo what up Doc, how are you man? I’m telling you dude, that was a complete coincidence man!” he laughed.

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While the whole thing was a coincidence, it’s pretty amazing that two of the most popular streamers would run into each other in the middle of the game. 

It remains to be seen if this ‘feud’ will continue. Dexerto will keep you updated if any possible further developments occur.