Dr Disrespect falls asleep in most boring PUBG match ever – still wins

. 3 years ago
Dr Disrespect, Twitch

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, after appearing to fall asleep during the match.

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The popular Twitch streamer might be known for the violence, speed, and momentum that he usually brings to the arena every time he goes live on the platform, but his August 21 broadcast couldn’t have been more different. 

Doc has picked up some insane kills and chicken dinners in PUBG over the years, although this one might go down as one of his most memorable. 

Dr Disrespect has had his fair share of criticisms of PUBG in the past, but he wasn’t complaining after this win.
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When the going gets tough and the final circle is closing in, not many players would take a step away from the action. 

The Two-Time didn’t play by those rules, though, as he got across the finish line in the most unlikely way you could imagine – by dozing off in front of the thousands watching at home. 

When he eventually opened his eyes and saw ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ plastered across his screen, the streamer took a moment to process what had just happened, before saying: “How long was I out for?”

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While he might have been wondering how he pulled it off, not controlling his player, viewers were quick to fill him in with their comments in the chat. 

With just one enemy remaining, they were caught by the circle and were eliminated as a result, making Dr Disrespect the winner. All he had to do was stay put in the safe zone. 

After waking up from his brief nap, he screamed “Easy!” and continued in his quest for even more victories. If they come as easy as this, he’ll be breaking his Triple Threat Challenge world record again in no time!

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