Dr DisRespect Explains Why He's a Fan of ICE_POSEIDON's IRL Streams

by DG Goldstein
(L/R) Dr DisRespect | ICE_POSEIDON


Dr DisRespect explained why he is a fan of ICE_POSEIDON's IRL streams, and the reasoning behind why he is able to 'root' for the personality while watching.

As one of the most recognized figures within the Twitch live streaming community, Dr DisRespect cemented himself as a 'powerhouse' personality on the platform following a massive amount of success across 2017.


He took home 'Streamer of the Year' honors at the 2017 Esports Industry Awards, which was an award that many throughout the gaming and esports community believed he was a 'sure in' for.

After taking a shot hiatus at the end of 2017, the self-proclaimed 'most ruthless competitor in the online gaming community' came back in a big way with an enormous 'return stream' in February of 2018 that broke various Twitch records at the time.


While the Doc specializes in gameplay content and commentary, the community has seen the 'in real life' (IRL) section of the platform take off in recent years, especially as the industry continues to grow.

When it comes to IRL content, controversial streamer ICE_POSEIDON is one of the most popular across YouTube, with his broadcasts bringing in thousands upon thousands of fans every time he goes live.


When discussing ICE_POSEIDON, Dr DisRespect mentions how he enjoys his content, due to the personality creating a 'fun narrative' that you viewers can 'root for.'

"He does create a fun narrative to get behind and to watch, and to absorb, and sort-of, like, 'root for.' He creates those IRL experiences that you can root for.

I don't know why. I don't know what that means - I do know what that means - just think about it!"

The full clip can be viewed below, with more content like this able to be found on Dr DisRespect's official Twitch channel.