Dr Disrespect explains why he doesn’t speak his ‘hybrid language’ anymore

Twitch: DrDisrespect

Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect has explained why he doesn’t speak his “hybrid language” on stream anymore after correcting one of his viewers who asked for a burst of Chinese during his November 26 broadcast.

The Doc is one of Twitch’s biggest stars and is renowned for his incredible character work, that often seems him pull out classic bits like his infamous dancing or the various locations he shows off inside “The Arena,” the home of his Champions Club.

One skit that hasn’t appeared recently is his “hybrid language,” with one fan requesting the streamer to break into Chinese, something which Dr Disrespect immediately explained was incorrect.

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Twitch: Dr DisrespectThe Doc likes to show off various areas of ‘The Arena’ during his streams.

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While competing in the Code Red 2v2 Modern Warfare tournament, The Doc received a donation from a viewer, asking him to speak Chinese because it “had been a minute” since he had done so.

“I’ve never spoken Chinese,” the extremely popular Twitch streamer replied. “I’ve spoken a hybrid language.” an extremely hybrid language.”

“An extremely hybrid language that I cannot speak of anymore,” he continued, before baring his teeth to the camera. “That’s a personal choice, that’s out of respect.”

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It seems unlikely that fans of the “two-time, back-to-back Blockbuster Video Gaming Champion” will ever hear Doc’s ‘hybrid language’ again, but that doesn’t mean there will be any shortage of violence, speed, or momentum coming from Dr Disrespect.

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The American regularly sits at the top of Twitch whenever his channel goes live, as thousands flock to watch him bring his signature brand of skill and comedy to popular shooters such as Apex Legends, PUBG, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

2019 has been yet another banner year for The Doc, as he was recently confirmed as the streamer with the most subscribers on the platform, beating out major names like xQc, NICKMERCS, and Tfue.