Dr Disrespect ends YouTube stream early amid California heatwave

dr disrespect quits youtube streamDr Disrespect, YouTube

Dr Disrespect decided to call time on his final YouTube stream of the week, after getting caught up in California’s near record-setting heat wave.

The streamer is known for bringing the violence, speed, and momentum for over eight hours on most broadcasts, but decided to cut things short on September 2.

The heatwave has been raging across the Western states, such as California, since August 31, with NPR reporting that temperatures are so hot they will test the power grid.

Reports say that it could turn out to be a record-breaking heatwave, too, with temperatures soaring to 10 degrees more than normal.

Dr Disrespect ends YouTube stream early over heatwave

One of California’s biggest and most popular residents, Dr Disrespect (real name Guy Beahm), tried to continue his streaming schedule as normal but decided it was too hot to continue after just four hours.

Temperatures reached peaks of 96 degrees in Los Angeles, with a heat warning being issued and AccuWeather projecting around 125-degree heat in Death Valley.

After placing 5th in his final Apex Legends match, the Two-Time announced it was too hot to handle on stream.

“Four hours live streaming… What do I want to do? In horrible heat conditions, for like 12 hours…” he said, exiting to the desktop.

(The segment starts below at 3:59:00)

“Yeah, Champs, I gotta call it man. It’s just way too hot right now. It is zapping me, and zapping me, and zapping me. It’s continuing to zap me.

“Yeah, Champs – that’s it. What a week. ‘No, I just got here….’ I know man, but I gotta call it. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

Dr Disrespect acknowledged that some fans wanted him to go on, thanking those who made last-minute donations on the channel. He’ll be back for more domination next week, without a doubt.