Dr Disrespect donation tricks him into reading OnlyFans message: “Jesus christ!’

Dr Disrespect on YouTubeDr Disrespect, YouTube

Dr Disrespect loves to read out his donations from members of the Champions Club when he’s streaming on YouTube, but one comment about OnlyFans seemed to creep him out.

The Two-Time has fostered a strong and dedicated community online, with over four million subscribers on YouTube alone.

Whether he’s jumping into Warzone 2 or showing people the next feature his development studio is working on for DEADROP, fans pour into the arena in their thousands.

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So, he likes to give them as many shoutouts as he can when he goes live – yet, it doesn’t always work out so well.

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Dr Disrespect instantly regrets reading out YouTube donation

Members of the Champions Club can often be seen in the YouTube comments section, either chatting or sending donations to their favorite streamer.

Often, with donations, these lead to a personal message from Doc – or he’ll just give it a shoutout.

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Though, it’s not always a good idea as he saw during his stream on November 24.

(Timestamp in the video below at 1:24:26)

After stating their username, he said: “Thank you for the $19.99. Subscribed to your OnlyDocs.

“Didn’t expect to see so much dripping from head to tippy toe… Jesus Christ.”

For those wondering – no, Dr Disrespect does not have an OnlyFans page, nor has he ever suggested he would join the content platform. It was just a joke from one user.

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Instead, he chooses to dominate with violence, speed, and momentum on YouTube for the most part.

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