Dr Disrespect discovers his own stream during Code Red Fortnite tournament to hilarious results

by Bill Cooney


You couldn't get much happier than Dr. DisRespect was after he discovered his own stream by accident on the website for his Code Red Tournament.


While looking at the results of the Winner's Bracket Finals, The Doc yells out "Whoa!" only to hear it echoed a few second later.

After curiously watching his stream for a few seconds, the streamer decides to scream, and so do the countless other Docs appearing behind him.


In the second clip, Doc begins an experiment and interacts with himself on his own stream, telling himself he's the greatest, the usual Doc stuff.

At one point he has the Matrix Docs saying "Doctor you're the best! Yes you are, nobody does it better, and no one's even close."


When the Doc announced his new Code Red Tournament would be coming to Fortnite for the first time ever, he probably had no idea how much fun it would be.

Maybe we could see this become a regular feature of Dr DisRespect's streams, he regularly claims he has no equal, so there should be no one better to share a screen with than himself.