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Dr Disrespect defends Kevin Durant after NBA star gets into Twitter beef with fans

Published: 19/Mar/2021 5:02 Updated: 19/Mar/2021 4:16

by Brad Norton


Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant was in the middle of an argument with a pesky fan on social media when none other than Dr Disrespect jumped into the mix to defend him.

With Kevin Durant now in his 14th year as a professional basketball player, it’d be safe to assume he’s done enough to silence the haters. Yet despite his multiple MVP awards, NBA championships, and Olympic gold medals, fans still bug him on social media from time to time.

Having noticed a pesky comment on Twitter, the 32 year old small forward took the time to respond on March 18. “I’ve never seen [anybody] carried like [Kevin Durant],” the fan said. “For him to be an all-time great, he never [proved] it.”


“I’m convinced y’all don’t watch basketball and you just want a response from me,” KD replied. After trading blows back and forth, this online scuffle caught the attention of fellow accomplished athlete and gaming superstar Dr Disrespect.

“Can I step in here KD?” Doc asked politely. “They don’t understand what it’s like to be 6’8 or tall. They don’t understand what it’s like to have a 37” vert and a silky smooth shimmy fade away in the post.”

As a former two-time Blockbuster video game champion, having competed in NBA Jam in 1993 and 1994, Dr Disrespect clearly knows a thing or two about competing at the highest level of the sport.


Offering some advice, Doc suggested that KD “not even [address]” haters like this on social media in future. “We’re way better,” he emphasized.

“I get what you’re saying,” Durant responded. “But I come to Twitter to argue about sports and music bro, it’s a simple concept for me.”

That was where the interaction came to an end at the time of writing. While the conversation between icons was brief, some have already labeled it the “greatest Twitter interaction of all time.” It’s hard to disagree.

Despite being an NBA Jam champion, Doc is yet to actually show off his skills on a real court. Perhaps an upcoming All-Star Celebrity Game could be in the cards one year soon.