Dr Disrespect claims viral “not real” plane woman was all a marketing stunt

dr disrespect comments on not real plane womanYouTube/DrDisrespect/TikTok

Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect has shared his thoughts on the viral “not real” plane woman fiasco, and believes the whole thing was just a marketing stunt.

In July, a woman by the name of Tiffany Gomas went viral on TikTok after footage emerged showing her yelling about a person on her flight who she firmly believed was “not real.”

Gomas blew up on social media and has since gone public to address the drama, giving interviews and even creating an assortment of new accounts and even creating a website amid her newfound popularity.

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Although some have since debated if Gomas and the woman in the video are actually the same, streaming star Dr Disrespect believes this was all planned.

Dr Disrespect says “not real” plane woman faked viral video

After Doc watched Gomas’ new video addressing the controversy and apologizing, he theorized that the woman is actually a “marketing genius.”

“I got a new theory now, champs. It was all set up. This is all her plan,” he explained, suggesting that she caused a scene on purpose to blow up on social media.

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(segment begins at 4:40)

The two-time theorized that Gomas intentionally planned on going dark before releasing her website along with an assortment of new accounts.

“She’s a marketing genius! Like, next level,” he exclaimed. “That’s how I dissect the situation. That’s how I analyze. I tell you man, I’m really good at analyzing situations.”

Only time will tell if Dr Disrespect ends up being right about Gomas, but hopefully we won’t have long to wait. The viral sensation has teased more videos coming on her website by telling visitors to “stay tuned.”

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