Dr DisRespect Channels His Inner Summit1G Rage After Dying in PUBG

by Scott Mahoney


Popular Twitch Streamer, Guy “Dr DisRespect” Beahm, reacts with Summit1G type of fury after being killed on PUBG despite recently mocking him for engaging in similar on stream behavior, lighting new flames to the ongoing feud.

It happens to all us — the rage-inducing death that pushes us over the limit and makes you just want to smash the nearest object into pieces while yelling out how you should not have died like that. 


The stakes in The Doc’s game weren’t quite as high as when fellow Twitch streamer, Summit1G lost control of his temper and punched his monitor following an untimely 25th place finish in an H1Z1 tournament. 

Dr Disrespect lets loose blaming the PUBG for his unfortunate death:

“This game is terrible!
It always has been.
Its a garbage ass game”


Many viewers believe that this stunt was purposely contrived to throw shade at Summit, there is little doubt of the similarity between the two reactions.

Dr Disrespect has made a name for himself as one of gaming’s most lethal trash talkers and mocking another streamer is right up his alley. 

Summit has not responded or commented on the event, but just a day before Summit did have this to say about his ongoing feud:


In the last installment of popular streamers punching things after dying, Dr Disrepect had commented about Summit1G’s wind up saying 

“That’s what I’m talking about.
He even wound up for it.
I like the wind up.
Enjoy your weekend Summit, enjoy your weekend, you deserve it.”

Given the rich history between these two, it would be no surprise to see Summit weigh in on the matter.