Dr Disrespect celebrates hitting "1 billion" YouTube subscribers in classic Doc fashion

. 3 years ago

Dr Disrespect celebrated his impressive “one billion” subscribers on YouTube with a brand-new plaque, made just for him.

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While the Two-Time is best known as a Twitch streamer, he actually began his entertainment career on YouTube, and has also made a name for himself there, as evidenced by him crossing the one million subscriber count.

With his trademark over-exaggeration, he claimed it was in fact one billion, which is adding a couple extra zeroes, but the Doc’s milestone is still no small feat.

Doc has cracked one million YouTube subscribers.
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The Doc celebrated with his new plaque

Doc showed off an “image” of his plaque congratulating him on becoming the first YouTuber to cross one billion subscribers, something confirmed by YouTube themselves.

In his very real looking image, you can see YouTube’s heartfelt message complete with the signature Dr Disrespect logo plastered on the front.

Dr Disrespect addressed the milestone during his May 15 stream with his viewers, as he celebrated his massive achievement

“Ladies and gentlemen, a hell of an accomplishment for the Champion’s Club,” he said. “We hit one billion subscribers on YouTube, it was verified by Fwiz, he’s the global head of gaming, tech and VR.”

Of course, Doc had to question Ryan ‘Fwiz‘ Wyatt’s choice of a header on Twitter as it featured rival streamer Ninja. He spent a couple of seconds staring at it before scrambling to get it off his screen.

In all seriousness, the Doc crossing one million subscribers is deserving of some firm handshakes as it’s a number not many a YouTuber is able to cross. 

Doc will always be known for his live broadcasts, but returning to, and maintaining, his YouTube following, as many streamers do, opens the door for a new audience to discover him, as well as offering another source of income, which is never anything to complain about.

YouTube will be sending him a plaque for this milestone but it’s probably safe to assume it won’t be solid gold like the one he posted a picture of. It’s going to be hard to top one billion subscribers but if anyone can do it, it’s the Two-Time.

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