Dr Disrespect casts Summit1g’s hilarious Splitgate free-for-all fail

Twitch / Dr Disrespect / summit1g

Twitch streamers Dr Disrespect and summit1g have reignited their feud as two of the most popular and competitive broadcasters, vying for superiority in the newly-released Halo-inspired Splitgate: Arena Warfare.

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The pair are set to face off in a 1v1 on Halo, when the classic series finally comes to PC later in 2019, but for now are warming up their battle rifle shots on Splitgate.

The Doc has already fired some shots in summit’s direction, boasting of his skills in the arena shooter, but decided to tune into his rival’s stream to see how his practice was coming along.

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1047 GamesSplitgate is heavily inspired by Halo, as well as puzzle game Portal.

Starting one of his fan-favorite ‘Doc Casts’ segments, where he transforms into an esports shout-caster to commentate the action, he wasn’t intimidated in the slightest by what he saw from summit.

“[Summit] getting shot in his back, he does have the rocket to his advantage – but does not utilize it and absolutely gets destroyed,” Doc says, casting summit’s gameplay.

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However, he was more complimentary when summit began to pick things up, acquiring the sniper rifle and hitting some clean shots to get back into contention for the match.

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“Boom! That’s what happens when you peak summit1g!” The Doc exclaimed, clearly somewhat impressed with summit’s accuracy – at least for now.

Unfortunately though, despite a valiant effort at the comeback, summit fell just short, losing the free-for-all match 24-25.

Dr Disrespect may have been rooting for his rival at one point, but showed little sympathy: “Just like that – defeat!”

Fans of the two streamers will be looking forward to their Halo 1v1 with heightened anticipation now, thanks to all the trash talk between them.

Soon enough, we’ll likely see Dr Disrespect and summit1g go head-to-head on Splitgate too, which will be a tantalizing match up.

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