Dr Disrespect calls out YouTube Gaming after putting them “on the map”

Twitter, @DrDisrespect / YouTube

The notorious Two-Time, Dr Disrespect, has called out YouTube Gaming. The streamer pointed out just how little the platform supports him, even after he switched over from Twitch and put them “on the map.”

In the streaming world, perhaps no name has as much gravity as Dr Disrespect. The 2019 Streamer of the Year has maintained his prominence in the scene, even after being permanently banned from Twitch. 

After being snubbed in the 2022 Streamer Awards, Doc had some choice words for the event. Going further, he’s now calling out someone else for seemingly snubbing him: his very own platform, YouTube Gaming.

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In a March 17 tweet, he gave the Champions Club something to “think about.” Claiming to have given YouTube Gaming their relevance, Doc claims they never promote or support him.

Dr Disrespect slams YouTube Gaming’s lack of support

Like a late-night thought that found its way to the public eye, Doc’s tweet is a candid reflection on his relationship with his platform. 


Getting straight to the point, he shared a realization: “When you put YouTube Gaming streaming on the map yet they don’t even follow you, tweet about you, mention you etc…”

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Doc then asked his 2.3 million followers to “seriously just stop and think about it for a second.” Concluding, he noted that he, and his community, “are on another level, baby” – likely referencing his continued success despite that lack of platform promotion.

dr-disrespect-youtubeYouTube: DrDisrespect
Tweets or no tweets, Dr Disrespect continues to be one of the biggest names on YouTube.

In the replies, fans and streamers alike echoed Doc’s sentiment. Twitch’s AmericanDad replied in agreement: “YouTube gaming really doesn’t have a good discoverability, yet you slay. It’s actually insane.”

Others laughed about the content YouTube Gaming tweets about it instead, quoting a March 16 tweet that asked users to “reply with an NPC quote and let others guess which game it’s from.”

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While Doc’s legal dispute with Twitch has been settled, the streamer remains tied to YouTube Gaming for the foreseeable future. Whether the issue with his platform is centered on discoverability issues or simply a lack of support on social media, he seems to believe their relationship is a little one-sided.

All we know, for now, is that the Champions Club will be closely watching YouTube Gaming’s “following” list on Twitter – awaiting a response from the Two-Time’s partners.

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