Dr Disrespect brutally roasted by random Fortnite kid on TimTheTatman’s stream

Alan Bernal

Twitch streamer Fortnite when he came across a younger player who had an unfiltered take on Dr Disrespect.

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The Doc is easily one of the more recognizable personalities on the platform because of his epic outfits, hilarious banter, and rage induced rants, but one player’s most memorable Doc moment left Tim hilariously scrambling on stream.

In a April 3 stream, the young Fortnite player was hyped to have duo’d with Tim, so after getting eliminated the streamer decided to stay a while in the game to ask him a question regarding the Doc.

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Epic GamesFortnite can be brutal, but Fortnite players can be down right savage.

“Hey yo, you know who Dr Disrespect is,” Tim asked.

“Yeah, I know him, yeah,” the young player said.

“Isn’t he a trashcan? Isn’t he so bad at games,” Tim suggested.

“What,” the player said. “I mean, I don’t follow him that much.”

It looked like the question would go barely answered until the kid started up again with a reply that momentarily stunned Tim upon hearing it.

“I’ve seen like the [Most Twitch Viewed Clips] like ‘Doctor cheats on wife,’” the kid said. “That was hilarious. That was funny.”

The random player was referring to the brief but shocking clip where Dr Disrespect turned on his stream without wearing his regular attire to confess his wrongdoing to his audience.

The clip instantly went viral, and it seems like it made a lasting impression of the Doc to some people.

Tim was a bit taken back by the surprising response and immediately looked to kill the conversation, saying: “whoa, whoa, whoa, alright easy. Easy kid, alright.”

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The response sent Tim’s Twitch Chat in a roar of laughter from the kid’s random reply. It seems like Dr Disrespect was lurking in Tim’s channel at the time simply replying “‘Jesus christ!!!!’ -Dr Disrespect.”