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Dr Disrespect breaks character to give speech on how he turned his life around

Published: 31/Aug/2019 13:03 Updated: 31/Aug/2019 13:19

by Calum Patterson


Iconic Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect very briefly went out of character during his August 30 stream, explaining to his viewers how he achieved his success with an incredible speech.

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Guy Beahm started his Dr Disrespect character in 2009 and 2010, but shelved the idea after finally getting his dream job in game development with Sledgehammer Games, first as a Community Manager and later a Level Designer.

He returned to his Dr Disrespect alter-ego in 2016, and quickly ascended up the ranks on Twitch, becoming one of the biggest names on the platform.

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Twitter: Guy BeahmGuy Beahm is the man behind the iconic Dr Disrespect character.

But, when a viewer explained to him that they were suffering from depression and anxiety, the Doc gave an inspiring speech about the dark times in his own life.


“I’ll tell you this right now, three and a half years ago, before the Two-Time stepped into the arena on Twitch, the Doctor [was] unemployed, looking for a job in the video gaming industry,” Beahm began.

“Little baby assassin less than a year old, living in a one and a half bedroom apartment, on a corner where you could just open up the blinds and see the drug dealing. And that was a tough time.”

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“And then we decided to jump into this,” the Doc concluded, “I’m telling you right now, it’s just a temporary phase, so attack! And go out there, and do you. That’s the most important part about it.”


Dr Disrespect’s leap of faith to go full-time with streaming was a risk, but one that has certainly paid off, as he now sits as the eighth-most followed streamer on Twitch.

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Despite his advice that people “do you”, it is, in fact, Guy Beahm’s Dr Disrespect character that earned him his success, as he stood out from the crowd of other streamers.

Also impressive is his level of production value, which is rivaled by very few on the platform. But, his words of wisdom go beyond just streaming on Twitch.