Dr Disrespect blasts YouTube’s clip and gifting features compared to Twitch

Dr Disrespect roasts YouTubefreepik/YouTube/DrDisrespect

Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect roasted YouTube’s clipping system and gifted subs technology as being outdated compared to Twitch.

Dr Disrespect became of YouTube’s biggest streamers since jumping ship to the Google-owned site after being mysteriously permanently banned on Twitch in summer 2020.

In the time since, the two-time has been quite vocal about how YouTube needs to improve to compete with Twitch and decided to make his case on social media, once again.

After spotting YouTube’s Head of Gaming Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt discussing NFTs with 100 Thieves co-owner Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, Doc moved in to give his two cents on the platform.

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Dr Disrespect roasts Fwiz and YouTube’s features

As Fwiz and CouRage were picking each other’s brains over NFTs and if they were a good investment, the two-time rolled up and completely derailed the conversation with some good old violence, speed, and momentum.

“Or you can just call me on the flip phone to talk about the future of NFT’s and gaming,” Doc responded to CouRage wanting to talk privately with Fwiz over the holidays. “That way Fwiz can focus on ‘gifted memberships’ and ‘clips’ technology from 2009.”

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YouTube’s clip feature is still relatively new to the site and it’s not as advanced as competitor Twitch’s quite yet. Additionally, YouTube only recently announced gifted subs and raids as a feature coming in 2022.

Fwiz, being a good sport, shot back, commenting how they had to first build up YouTube as the world’s largest gaming platform before adding those features. “Surely someone of your map design prestige skill can appreciate that. Glad you didn’t prioritize our products.”

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Back in May, YouTube agreed to meet with the 6’6 gaming behemoth to discuss the future of the platform after Doc accused of it being “underdeveloped,” but it’s unclear what came of the discussion.

In any case, 2022 is looking to be quite a year for the streaming wars as more and more Twitch streamers jump to rival platform YouTube and both sites look to improve upon their existing features while adding new ones.

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