Dr Disrespect slams “sh*thole” PUBG before deleting game

Connor Bennett
L: DrDispect/Twitch. R: PUBG.

Popular PUBG – revealing that he will only return to the game when it’s server issues are addressed.

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Dr Disrespect has had a love-hate relationship with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds since the game was released back in 2017. The Doc has streamed the title on a regular basis since that point while mixing in some other battle royales too.

However, despite welcoming it back into his streaming rotation for his trademark ‘Triple Threat Challenge’ by securing wins in Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG and Apex Legends – it appears as if he’ll be replacing it for future challenges with another battle royale title.

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Dr Disrespect/GFUEL
The Doc’s love/hate relationship with PUBG has helped grow his Twitch channel.

During his May 30 stream, the Two-Time had already ticked Fortnite Battle Royale off his checklist but was struggling with PUBG. After a few hours, he reached his breaking point and canceled the challenge altogether.

“I never get that opportunity to hear anybody from that far away ever in this shithole fucking game,” the streamer started, raging after a death. “Never! Because we’re playing on 90 ping. I’m done with it – see ya. I’m done with the game. I don’t want to play this shithole game, not until they find a West Coast server.”

Hoping that someone would hear his call, the Doc took aim right at the game’s developers and issued a desperate plea for new servers. 

“I’m never playing your game again until you get a west coast server,” he added, before asking his viewers to keep him updated on changes to the game. “For now, I’m never playing this shithole game again. It’s impossible on 85/90 ping. I’m sorry, I’m done.”

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Even though deleting PUBG may have disrupted his Triple Threat Challenge attempt, the Doc clearly values playing a good game over mindlessly trying to beat something that he doesn’t enjoy just to claim the glory. 

It remains to be seen if PUBG Corp will hear his calls and drop a brand new West Coast server near to the Doc so he can get back to killing foes with his signature violence, speed, and momentum. For now, though, he’ll be found in other battle royale lobbies.