Dr Disrespect blasts mobile gamers once again during E3 IRL stream - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect blasts mobile gamers once again during E3 IRL stream

Published: 11/Jun/2019 21:59

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Twitch star Dr Disrespect is well-known for his outbursts, and his latest blast was once again directed towards mobile gamers during his E3 2019 IRL livestream.

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There’s always been a layer of controversy towards people who play mobile games, with some people thinking that mobile players aren’t real gamers and don’t deserve to be regarded as such.

Popular personality Dr Disrespect has been very vocal in the last few days regarding his stance on mobile players, stating that he doesn’t agree with mobile players being classed as gamers – his latest rant coming just a few days after he made a tweet, claiming that “Mobile gamers aren’t real gamers.”


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What did he say?

During his first ever IRL livestream at E3 on June 11, Doc took the opportunity to blast both mobile gamers and Nintendo fans at once while walking past the Nintendo’s dedicated area. 

“I feel like Nintendo people blend in with mobile gamers, right? Let’s blend in,” he said, before mocking fans by holding his phone sideways and pretending to be a mobile player. “It’s Nintendo! Nintendo!” he continued, dancing wildly in front of the company’s booth.

The Two-Time then started to walk off, continuing his rant into the camera. “Mobile gamers ain’t real gamers! You sit at the desk, you line up your 26-inch LCD screens. You line up your multiple computers worth four to five grand a piece, you line up your peripherals – Razer preferred. You line up your headset, Turtle Beach. And you’re telling me, as a mobile gamer, that you’re the real deal?”


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He didn’t stop there…

Later on in the stream, Doc took the time to rip into mobile gamers once again – this time, in one of the areas outside the convention hall. Upon walking by a food stand with a bunch of people on their phones, he said, “I’m starting to get pissed off right here, right. There’s a whole bunch of mobile gamers in here that are pissed off at me.”

“Mobile gamers aren’t real gamers, but I gotta get this conversation going,” he said to his E3 bodyguard ‘Dan the Body’ as he continued his rant. “No, they are not,” Dan replied. “Like, just hit the button in your bed, sleeping with your thumb.”


“Yeah, like this!” Doc demonstrates with his phone held sideways again, as the pair continued to mock mobile game players. “Your thumb in your mouth, wrapped around a stuffed animal, just hitting the button to see how many points you can acquire,” his bodyguard persisted.

No doubt he will annoy a lot of people with those statements, but they don’t call him Dr ‘Disrespect’ for nothing. You can catch his first ever IRL stream over on his official Twitch channel.