Dr Disrespect blasted into outer space to reveal “old school” Game Fuel flavor

Dr Disrespect/Game Fuel

Streaming sensation Dr Disrespect has officially revealed his very own Mountain Dew Game Fuel flavor, and it’s a major blast from the past.

Doc has been sponsored by Game Fuel for years, but could never boast his very own flavor. He has had special cans, but never a drink he could call his own.

That all changed on April 5, when the Two-Time unveiled his very own taste, along with one of the most epic, high production cinematics we’ve seen from the streamer yet.

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Not only is Doc getting his very own “Champions Citrus Cherry” flavor, but it’s being served up in a sleek red and black can worthy of the Back-to-Back.

How to get Dr Disrespect’s Game Fuel flavor: Champions Citrus Cherry

The same day Doc’s new flavor was announced, it went up for sale on the Game Fuel website as well. Whether or not it will appear in stores remains to be seen.

So, anyone who wants to taste the violence, speed, and momentum can order some cans right now from the Game Fuel site.

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Game Fuel
You can practically feel the Violence, Speed, and Momentum from the new Game Fuel can.

Of course, to add to the hype Doc’s Game Fuel is being marketed as a “limited edition” so it probably won’t be around forever.

Champions Club members don’t seem to get a discount at the time of writing — though it will definitely be on tap in the Arena’s skybox lounge to enjoy.

There’s one big question though: will it make us as ruthless a gaming competitor as the one and only 1993-1994 Blockbuster video game champ? Once we try it, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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