Dr Disrespect explains why he’s avoiding Lost Ark despite new MMO launch hype

Dr Disrespect next to Lost Ark atworkYouTube: Dr Disrespect / Smilegate RPG

Despite an enormous wave of new release hype surrounding Lost Ark, Champions Club founder Dr Disrespect himself has no plans to jump into the Amazon Games title, arguing MMOs lack in one key area.

Following on from 2021’s New World, an ambitious MMO that quickly lost a significant chunk of its player base, Amazon Games is back with another attempt in 2022. 

With their name attached to Lost Ark, which is finally hitting Western shores on February 11, expectations are high and just hours into the early access hype is reaching all-new levels.

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Hundreds of thousands of new accounts have been made — and the game hasn’t launched fully yet. Popular streamers have been reaping the benefits too, with the likes of Asmongold even setting all-time viewership records.

Though even with this level of attention, one immensely popular YouTube icon won’t be jumping in. Dr Disrespect isn’t “excited” for Lost Ark in the slightest, he told viewers during a February 9 broadcast.

Even with TimTheTatman trying to sell him on it, Doc wouldn’t budge.

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Deadeye class Lost ArkSmilegate
Don’t expect to see Dr Disrespect on Lost Ark’s servers anytime soon.

“What gets you so excited about Lost Ark?” the two-time asked during his latest Warzone session — a game he recently labeled a “snooze. “Please explain why you like [MMOs].”

Having already played a few hours of the new release earlier that day, Tim was quick to praise the archetypal MMO experience.

Everything from “leveling your character” and acquiring “rare gear” to the PVP side of combat all stood out as highlights during his first day with Lost Ark. But none of that was enough to sway Doc when it came to one gripe in particular.

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“Where’s the skill though?” Dr Disrespect fired back.

“In terms of a skill that you might be able to recognize from one player to another,” he continued, “what’s that difference?”

Before Tim could even answer, Doc compared his Warzone duo for the day with FPS veteran Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek.

“If I’m watching shroud play the game, then I watch you play the game, MMOs are one of those f**king games where I couldn’t tell the difference between who’s a better player.”

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Ultimately, it all boils down to the skill factor for Doc. Even with elements of violence, speed, and momentum layered across Lost Ark’s gameplay, players are a little too evenly matched on the surface for his liking.

If you’re jumping in to see for yourself, be sure to check out our Lost Ark guides to help get the most out of the early game.

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