Dr Disrespect & Asmongold blown away by “ridiculous” new game DokeV at Gamescom

Dr Disrespect Asmongold DokeV reactionPearl Abyss, Twitch: Asmongold, Dr Disrespect

Pearl Abyss’ bizarre open world game, DokeV, has become one of Gamescom 2021’s most talked about titles, with streamers such as Dr Disrespect, Asmongold and Cloakzy all weighing in. 

Coming out of the left field, Pearl Abyss’ colorful adventure DokeV has shaken up the gaming sphere. Set in a vibrant universe and full to the brim with weird and wonderful stories, the Korean title has left some of this year’s biggest games in its shadow.

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With streamers across YouTube and Twitch all tuning in to watch the annual Gamescom reveals, Dr Disrespect, Asmongold and Cloakzy are among the masses who have weighed in on the quirky title.

And it’s pretty clear that DokeV is something that they won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

DokeVPearl Abyss
DokeV is the colorful adventure that 2022 needs.

Streamers react to DokeV’s Gamescom 2021 trailer


DokeV’s Gamescom 2021 trailer is a mixture of dashing adventures and more mundane high school antics, but its stunning graphics and obscure story has captivated both casual gamers and streamers alike.

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“Dude if I was nine this game would be my s**t,” remarks MMO star Asmongold. “The game actually looks f**king cool… It seems crazy but this game actually seems more appealing to me than many of the other ones I’ve seen before. It’s so ridiculous, but it’s kind of cool.”


Echoing this on his own stream, Call of Duty star Cloakzy commented that the title made him “want to take some shrooms and explore it,” asking “why is this lit?”

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Dr Disrespect

However, it’s Dr Disrespect whose reaction is completely priceless. Initially bringing out the “snooze fest” button on the game, he has a pretty rapid change of heart.

“Did I jump the gun?” he asks his chat. “That looked kind kind of good right there, hold on I might have jumped the gun. I like this world, it looks kind of sick,” he confesses.

Concluding with “alright, I changed my vote,” DokeV goes from being “snooze fest” to “hot caka” in the space of three minutes.

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With DokeV speculated to release in 2022, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not either of these three streamers dare to jump into the title’s colorfully chaotic universe.