Dr DisRespect and deadmau5 Collaborate on Special Edition Shirt

by Vincent Genova


Dr DisRespect and deadmau5 have released a new t-shirt together that will be available for a limited time.

The appropriately named “deadmau5 x Dr DisRespect Limited Edition T-shirt” features Dr DisRespect’s head in the shape of deadmau5’s famous mask and is currently available on Amazon.


The new shirt will also benefit charity as 10% of all proceeds will go to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

The limited edition item is part of a larger clothing line that deadmau5 launched in celebration of his new album “Mau5ville Level 1.”

deadmau5 x Dr DisRespect Limited Edition T-shirt

In addition to their clothing collaboration, DeadMau5 and Dr Disrespect will also be working together with Amazon soon.


As part of Amazon Prime Day, the pair will be part of a PLAYERUNKOWN’S Battlegrounds stream on July 13th.

Other streamers joining the Prime Festivities from the Amazon owned Twitch platform will include Shroud, Anne Munition, ChocoTaco and DizzyKitten.


Deadmau5 and Dr Disrespect have worked together in the past, with the famous DJ creating the intro music for Dr Disrespect’s stream.

You can find the “deadmau5 x Dr DisRespect Limited Edition T-shirt” on Amazon.