Dr Disrespect almost destroys desk in fit of rage after Apex Legends death

by David Purcell
Dr Disrespect, Twitch / Respawn


Dr Disrespect almost broke his desk after a defeat on Apex Legends sent him over the edge, and he thought the Peacekeeper shotgun was the problem. 


The popular streamer, who is set to showcase his first Code Red tournament on Respawn's new battle royale game on February 15, couldn't believe what he was seeing after being killed by another player in Apex Legends. 

After hitting the enemy three times with his Peacekeeper, Dr Disrespect was left in utter disbelief after he never picked up the kill. 


Apex Legends Wiki
Apex Legends Wiki
Dr Disrespect says the Peacekeeper could go down as the worst shotgun in video game history.

Instead, the other player finished him off and it's fair to say that The Doc wasn't happy about how things went down. 

"This Peacemaker [Peacekeeper] shotgun sucks," he shouted after slamming his hand against his desk. "It sucks! Fucking three headshots!"


Clearly angered by his elimination, Dr Disrespect left the room soon after, but could still be heard repeating "three, three!" in the background. 

"It could go down as the worst shotgun in the history of video games," he claimed. "The Peacemaker [Peacekeeper] sucks. It sucks. The delay on it, everything, I hate it. That's three headshots."


His comments about the shotgun might seem somewhat controversial for some fans, though, as many regard it as one of the better weapons in the game right now. 

Is the Peacekeeper as bad as he says it is?