Dr Disrespect addresses Twitch ban in first YouTube stream back

dr disrespect youtube streamYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect opened up his first YouTube stream on August 7 by addressing the burning question on everyone’s minds for the last few weeks: why was he banned on Twitch?

Dr Disrespect sent shockwaves throughout the internet when his Twitch account was suddenly and unexpectedly banned from the platform on June 26 without reason. He went six weeks without saying much, before finally announcing his return to streaming on August 6 in an Instagram Live, YouTube broadcast, and finally, a Twitter post.

The next day on August 7, the 38-year-old finally appeared on camera for the first time since his suspension, and started off his stream by addressing the elephant in the room to over 400,000 fans – and it appears as though he’s just as much in the dark as everybody else.

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dr disrespect youtube countdownYouTube: Dr Disrespect
Many members of the Champions Club waited eagerly for his YouTube broadcast to start.

Dr Disrespect addresses Twitch ban

Doc opened up his return to streaming by addressing the ban. The popular streamer explained that not only does his team not know anything, but that Twitch had not reached out before or after removing him from the platform.

“A lot of people want to know what happened. Guess what? I want you to look into my f**king eyes when I say this. We still have no idea,” he said, before mocking those who claimed that he knows, before reiterating “We have no idea!”

The star then said that he had done nothing to deserve the ban, and called out Twitch for their lack of communication and handling of the matter. “As far as I’m concerned, we didn’t do anything to warrant a ban. Let alone how the way they went about banning us. No communication before, no reaching out, nothing. Boom. Done.”

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The Two-Time Champion followed up his rant by hitting out at those in the industry who have been quick to get an answer about the situation. “The problem is there are those anxious for an answer so what that does, it creates a level of urgency and speculation. And I think it’s a f**king cockroach approach – period.”

He wrapped up the discussion by explaining that people should leave it up to legal experts to sort it out due to the amount of money involved. “The last thing I’m gonna say about it, and I have to be intelligent about all this because you are talking about a heavy contract… Lots of money. There’s big money involved, so let the legal professionals do what they need to do. That’s it.”

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While fans are no closer to figuring out the reason why Twitch abruptly banned one of their biggest stars from the platform, Dr Disrespect looks to be focused on the future by streaming on YouTube.

Despite his extended hiatus since June, the popular streamer pulled in over 500k viewers live during his return broadcast, proof that the Two-Time is in just as high of demand regardless of the platform he’s on.