Dr DisRespect has a hilarious disagreement with viewers over new G FUEL shaker

by Bill Cooney


Anytime a streamer like Dr. Disrespect gets cool new custom merch, they like to show it off to fans, but as the Doc found out, streamers probably want to make sure they can see the actual product beforehand.


The Doc showed his new G FUEL shaker to fans, only the image was reversed, as it usually is on his streams, so instead of seeing what he intended, fans read something completely different. 

Almost as soon as he shows the bottle, he has to correct fans, "No, it doesn't say 'dog shit' ok? Let me show you what it says."


The streamer attempts to correct his mistake by flipping the camera to show that the bottle really says 'The Doc', but the damage has already been done.

"It says 'The Doc' ok? Says it right there. It says 'The Doc' not 'Dog Shit'," The Doc tells his fans, who have already made up their minds at this point.


"It does not say 'dog shit' ok? No, it doesn't, no it doesn't!" The Doc yells as he obviously gets frustrated with his streams viewers.

If anything, this incident will give the G FUELdesign team something to go over with The Doc the next time they need to come up with designs for the streamer.