Dove Cameron reveals how TikTok influenced the release of ‘Boyfriend’

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Musician Dove Cameron revealed that her song ‘Boyfriend,’ which has gone viral on TikTok, wasn’t actually supposed to gain popularity and be released. 

Dove Cameron has been a part of different aspects of media throughout her 26 years of life. Her popularity began after starring in the Disney Channel TV series ‘Liv and Maddie,’ and then ventured into singing when she recorded the show’s soundtrack in 2015.

In 2022 Cameron added TikTok to her resume and released her song ‘Boyfriend’ on her channel on January 30. It quickly went viral, being used in over 580,000 videos in the weeks after.

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During a recent Audacy Check-in, the singer revealed that she didn’t think her song would go viral and that if it hadn’t, Boyfriend would have never been released.

Dove Cameron on ‘Boyfriend’ going viral

Starting off the interview, host Julia Lepidi asked how Dove has been feeling since the release of her song.

She replied: “Really wild because right before it came out, like a few days before it came out, there was no plan in ever releasing this song. My mind isn’t caught up yet, and everything kind of happened overnight.”

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Dove went on to reveal that ‘Boyfriend’ was actually written and recorded as a demo as a way to “warm-up” for the recording of her upcoming untitled EP. She had played it in the background of a video, and fans began commenting on it.

“So in January, I decided to put the current audio — the unfinished demo — on to TikTok just to be like this is what I’ve been working on,” she added. “I went to sleep and woke up the next day and the audio started blowing up.”

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The singer went on to explain that she isn’t really interested in social media and didn’t expect anything at all to come from her upload. However, after she revealed the demo recording and it went viral — fans called for it to be released.

So she went to the studio to finish the recording and released the song on February 11, 2022. Dove also mentioned that the entire situation has empowered her as a writer, and she’s been crying a lot — presumably with happy tears.

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