Doja Cat gets trolled by Twitch viewers calling her a cheater & it’s hilarious

YouTube: Doja Cat/Twitch

Singer-songwriter Doja Cat has been getting back into the swing of things on Twitch again, however, she’s still falling for some rookie tricks from fans. 

As Twitch and livestreaming has continued to grow and grow over the last few years, celebrities from all different fields have been hopping on board and showing off their love of gaming.

That includes ‘Say So’ singer Doja Cat, who has amassed over 425k followers on Twitch, entertaining fans with all types of games – including regular rides around GTA Online with her friends.

After taking a small break from Twitch, she returned to her Dojacattington channel at the start of June, and has been regularly broadcasting a few different games. Though, despite her experience, she’s still vulnerable to a few rookie slip-ups.

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During her June 6 broadcast, the singer-songwriter dove back into Farcry 6, but was caught off-guard by a few messages in her chat, accusing her cheating her way through the game.

“Do you guys really think I’m cheating? You guys think I even know how to cheat?” she said, after reading a classic copypasta about needing her PC to be checked over for cheats. Doja even attempted to clear things up, saying she was playing on Xbox, not a PC.

However, it all clicked a few moments later when she had a pretty hilarious realization. “I’m not f**king cheating… oh it’s a copypasta. Oh,” the singer added.

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That wasn’t the only meme that caught her out on the stream, though. Some viewers got her to reference the infamous ‘ligma’ joke that caused plenty of frustration on Twitch back in 2018.

While Doja has got some experience on Twitch, interacting with chat can still be a bit of a minefield, especially if a few viewers latch onto things.

Though, we’ll trust her to not make the same mistake twice.