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Dog caught licking sleeping streamer’s butt during broadcast

Published: 2/Jul/2019 21:18 Updated: 2/Jul/2019 21:20

by Virginia Glaze


As one of the net’s most popular livestreaming platforms, Twitch delivers a near-constant flood of hilarious and awkward moments – and some that are just “dog-gone” strange, as evidenced by one streamer’s July broadcast.

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Popular IRL streamer Mitch Jones is a famous face on Twitch, boasting over 400,000 followers on the platform as of July 2.

Known for his real-life streams, Jones was walking about his house when he came upon an awkward encounter between his housemate and her dog.

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Mitch Jones, TwitterMitch Jones is a popular face on Twitch – but his housemate is stirring up controversy across the net.

Fellow streamer Kailey ‘kbubblez’ was passed out on their sofa, blissfully unaware of the presence of her pet dog, who was going to town on her derriere while she slept.


The awkward moment played out in front of the camera while Mitch’s text-to-speech donations sounded off in the background, with Mitch complaining about the animal defecating in his room.

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However, it was later revealed that her dog wasn’t actually licking her rear-end, as evidenced by the blanket covering her body – but that didn’t stop viewers from being weirded out by the interaction, or even surprised that Jones hadn’t been banned for filming the incident.

Others noted that Chihuahuas like to “burrow” under blankets or sleep with humans for warmth – which may or may not have been what happened in this case.

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This wouldn’t be the first time Kbubblez’s pup has been guilty of getting too close for comfort, either: the streamer posted a series of photos to Twitter on June 25, claiming that her dog had climbed into her pants for a nap.

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While Kbubblez’s oddly-behaved pup is certainly cute, housemate Mitch Jones isn’t fond of the animal, showing that the dog had defecated and urinated throughout the house in a stream on July 1 – with Jones refusing to clean up the mess, despite turds being strewn about his room.


This wouldn’t be the first time a streamer has filmed a dog licking in places they shouldn’t, either: in fact, one Twitch streamer caught the ban-hammer, after baiting their pup to lick the rear-end of a sleeping woman on camera.

While the offending clip has since been deleted, viewers were shocked and appalled that the Twitch streamer would take advantage of a sleeping woman for his audience.

While Mitch Jones isn’t fond of Kbubblez’s dog, commenters are worried about a potential ban due to the content, which would potentially follow his seven-day day ban from the site after using his phone while driving just last month.