Does Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung have TikTok? Verified account confuses fans

HoYeonJung next to the TikTok logoInstagram: hoooooyeony

‘Squid Game’ actress HoYeon Jung is receiving an enormous influx of followers after the success of the Netflix show, but an unofficial verified account on TikTok has left fans confused about which social media platforms the star is active on.

By this point, it seems there’s no one left who hasn’t heard of hit South Korean show ‘Squid Game.’ The gory series has taken the world by storm, and has even become the number one most-watched Netflix show in over 90 countries.

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Fans have naturally been keen to follow the talented actors on social media after finishing the show, and many of them have been seeing insane growth in their follower count within just a matter of weeks.

But no one has seen more of a rise than model and actress HoYeon Jung, who now has over 18 million followers on Instagram, making her the most followed Korean actress on the site.

HoYeon Jung in scene from Netflix's 'Squid Game'Netflix: Squid Game
HoYeon Jung has garnered a huge amount of followers in a very short space of time.

‘Squid Game’ has received an enormous amount of attention on short-form video app TikTok, meaning people are also looking to see if HoYeon has an account there too. But thousands have been left confused by a verified account seemingly posing as the star.

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The account is called ‘heyonjungnotofficial,’ although contrary to the username, they are actually verified, with over 3.5 million followers. So far, they’ve posted several short clips of the actress, and many fans were left wondering whether this is really her account or not.

Profile page of unofficial HoYeon Jung account on TikTok

However, HoYeon cleared up the confusion on October 9 in an Instagram story. “This is the only social media account I have at the moment,” she wrote. “I am currently not on Twitter, TikTok, etc. Thank you again for your support!”

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Text on a dark background on HoYeon Jung's Instagram story

The TikTok account has now changed its bio to reflect the fact it’s a “fanpage,” but many in the comments are calling out the mystery user for only changing it because they were “exposed.”

Although fans now know for sure that it’s fake, many are still hoping that HoYeon will eventually actually get her own TikTok account, and perhaps join in with some of the ‘Squid Game’ related trends on the platform.

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