Does Millie Bobby Brown have TikTok? Stranger Things fans left confused

Millie Bobby Brown TikTokNetflix/Stranger Things/TikTok/Instagram

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has posted another collection of TikTok videos onto her Instagram profile, leaving fans confused about whether or not the actress actually uses the platform. Here’s everything we know. 

After almost three years, Stranger Things returned on May 27 for the fourth season of the hit Netflix series.

Fans have absolutely fallen in love with the series, and have taken to following their favorite actors and actresses from the show — including Millie Bobby Brown.

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The actress posted a set of videos on her Instagram account with watermarks showing two different account names that don’t belong to her, leaving fans confused and curious if the actress has a secret account.

Does Millie Bobby Brown have a TikTok?

On June 2, Millie Bobby Brown posted a series of four videos to her Instagram account.

At least two of the videos have a TikTok watermark, showing ‘doritoqueen250’ and ‘lovelypeaches.01,’ which have left fans confused because, well, those aren’t her accounts.

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In fact, the ‘Eleven’ actress deleted her TikTok account in November 2020, but her original account name has been taken and converted into a fan page. It wasn’t the first time that she deleted a social media account either, as she deleted her Twitter back in 2018.

Thinking that Millie may have created a new account, fans went to ‘doritoqueen250’ on TikTok and were met with videos from another female creator. They then took to the comments to express their confusion.

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One user said: “Thought this was Millie because of her recent post.”

While another commented: “So this ain’t Millie’s account… I’m so confused lol.”

Millie Bobby Brown TikTok comments

What is Millie Bobby Browns TikTok username?

As much as fans would love to see the Stranger Things actress back on the short-form video platform — it appears she still does not have an account.

However, some users are just happy to see her creating TikTok trends, even if they’re not uploaded on the platform itself.

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