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Does Jeffree Star’s tweet confirm rift with James Charles is over?

Published: 22/Mar/2020 22:49 Updated: 22/Mar/2020 22:52

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and beauty guru James Charles faced intense backlash in summer 2019, after mentor Tati Westbrook made damning accusations against him — but she wasn’t the only one involved in the scandal.

Fellow makeup mogul Jeffree Star likewise weighed in on the drama, which spawned after Westbrook accused Charles of using his fame to manipulate the sexuality of straight men he took interest in.

Alleging that his ex-boyfriend Nathan had banned Charles from their home, Star labeled the young YouTuber “a danger to society,” claiming that “everything Tati said is 100% true.”

Jeffree Star, Twitter
Jeffree Star notably chimed in on the James Charles drama via Twitter in 2019, calling the young YouTuber a “danger to society” – a post he later deleted.

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However, a recent tweet from Star may have hinted that the two content creators are on good terms after the fallout, posted nearly a year after Tati’s infamous video “No More Lies” went viral across social media.


Star commented on Charles’ March 20 makeup collaboration with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, which reached the top of YouTube’s trending page shortly after going live.

“Umm, you look SO gorgeous!!!” Star said of D’Amelio’s colorful eyeshadow look, which Charles created, himself. “James killed it, per usual.”

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While the comment could merely be a small pleasantry, fans are speculating that his Tweet hints at a rekindled relationship with the young beauty guru after he put Tati’s rumors to rest in his now-viral “No More Lies” video.

“Wait, y’all are friends again?” one confused fan wrote in response to the unexpected interaction. “Like, did I miss something?”


“Are you hacked?” another asked.

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“We love positivity, but I really had to go outside and check if pigs were flying,” yet another commented.

Even Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR chimed in on the matter with an enthusiastic, “AWWW.”

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Although there’s no telling just yet if these two YouTubers have officially made up, Star’s post has certainly kindled the fires of fan rumors in wake of a hugely tumultuous time for Charles.

Star notably backed down from his stance on the 2019 issue after claiming he had “receipts” that would expose James for “mass manipulation,” later arguing that he was “not going to fuel this fire bigger so everyone can get more entertainment.”


Although Star decided to step away from the drama, things have been relatively quiet between the two beauty tubers — until now.

While it’s certain that they’ve made up, fans will definitely be keeping a close eye as YouTubers as events continue to unfold.