DLive add new emote feature – here’s how to use it

DLive new emote featureDLive

Livestreaming platform DLive has officially added emotes to their platform, with affiliates and partners now able to give their loyal fans even more options to enhance their viewing and chatting experience.

The feature is now available across all platforms, with DLive revealing who exactly can create emotes and how many they can have in their stream.

DLive did already have stickers, and one sticker can be sent as a message, but the new emote feature will allow viewers to better communicate with their favorite streamers in text chat.

DLive empowering creators, rewarding communitiesDLive
DLive promises to empower creators and reward communities.

Affiliates, Verified Partners and Global Partners now have the option to upload their very own channel emotes which can be used by their subscribers in any channel on DLive.

How to use emotes on DLive

Follow these simple steps to use emotes on DLive right now:

  1. In the chat room, click the sticker/emote icon
  2. Find which emote you want to use — these will differ based on who’s stream you’re in and who you subscribe to!
  3. Clicking on an emote will automatically add it to the chat
  4. Add whichever emotes you want and press send

It’s worth noting, too, that each different channel will have a different number of emotes, as well as emotes that they’ve made completely unique to them.

Here’s how many emotes streamers can have, based on their status on the platform:

  • Affiliate = 3 emote slots
  • Verified Partner = 8 emote slots
  • Global Partner = 20 emote slots
DLive sub emotesDLive
Streamers can create up to 20 new emotes for their channel.

Now, if you’re a streamer looking to create emotes on DLive, the process is really simple, but bear in mind you’ll be limited by your partnership status, as laid out above.

Here’s what you’ve got to do to add emotes to your stream once you achieve affiliate:

  1. Head to your Channel Dashboard
  2. Select Emote & Sticker
  3. Add a prefix (this is the text that will be the prefix to all your emote names)
  4. Click the “+” icon to launch a small window where you can enter the name of the emote
  5. Upload your graphic
  6. Click ‘Save’ to add the emote to your channel library instantly!

So, whether you’re a streamer or a viewer, DLive’s new emotes are a great way to interact in the broadcast and they’re available, at your disposal, right now.