DJ Akademiks falls asleep listening to Drake album on Twitch after hyping it up

Lawrence Scotti
DJ Akademiks/Drake

Hip-hop blogger and social media personality DJ Akademiks was streaming the new Drake album on his Twitch channel when he fell asleep for quite some time.

Any time Canadian rapper Drake drops a new album, the music world comes to a standstill to give it a listen. His newest project, Certified Lover Boy, was no exception to this rule, as the anticipation had been building for nearly an entire year before its release. Now that it’s finally dropped, fans and the media are tuning in to all 21 tracks.

DJ Akademiks was streaming his first reaction to CLB, and right after hyping the album’s release – but ended up taking an unexpected nap live on Twitch.

Certified Lover Boy is Drake’s sixth studio album release.

Akademik sleeps on Drake

DJ Akademiks spent the better part of his late afternoon tweeting about how incredible Drake’s new album is, instantly calling it a “classic”.

He was also live on Twitch, streaming his first impressions of the album. Akademiks riled himself up over how incredible he thought the album was shouting, “My top five is: Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake!” Soon after, he passed out in his chair while his Spotify played the album on a loop.

It isn’t unheard of for streamers to fall asleep while streaming, but Akademiks was only on his second listen-through of the album when he passed out. The clip went viral on social media as his excitement might of peaked too early in the night, sapping all of his energy.

As he slept, his Twitch chat spammed the phrase “Certified Lullaby Boy” until he eventually woke up.

DJ Akademiks may have to deal with a ton of sleeping-relating memes coming his way for the foreseeable future.