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Dizzy and Ace save shroud with genius move in Apex Legends after he goes AFK

Published: 7/Jul/2019 13:18 Updated: 7/Jul/2019 14:16

by Daniel Cleary


NRG duo Coby ‘Apex Legends ranked play, after he had to go AFK from the match.

Season 2 of Apex Legends introduced a brand new ranked play mode for players to climb to the top of the ranks and put their skills to the test in-game.

Two of the current NRG professional Apex Legends players, dizzy and Ace went to extremes to keep their elo intact by pulling off a genius move, keeping an AFK shroud alive during one of such ranked match.

RespawnWraith’s Dimensional Rift allows players to pull off some incredible plays.

Shroud had to leave his setup mid-game to get his food delivery, and as the ring was quickly closing on him, he was at risk of dying to the tick damage that it deals.

However, the NRG duo quickly came up with the idea to firstly take advantage of Ace’s Ultimate ability on Wraith to lead him away from the Ring, and then meleeing shroud’s character into the Dimensional Rift, “Alright I’ll punch him in” said dizzy, before helping shroud to safety.

Despite their best intentions, the portal didn’t quite get shroud into the safe zone and the pair had to alternate between punching his character the rest of the way, saying “Alternate, alternate! We’ve got to hide him.”

The Twitch star was impressed by the pair’s play when he returned to find himself nestled safely behind a rock, “Alright, well played,” He said, laughing to himself about how seriously the pair took it as he could likely hear them the entire time with his wireless headset.

Shroud had previously claimed that dizzy could be the next big star on Twitch and with entertaining highlights like this, it’s quite easy to see some of the potential the young professional Apex Legends player has.

Wraith’s rift abilities are useful for more than just quick escapes too, as they can also be used to bait in opponents to traps, as one squad combined Wraith’s and Wattson’s kit to create an overpowered trap.

Despite the genius play which was made to keep shroud alive from the Ring, the powerhouse squad died almost immediately after he returned, unfortunately letting all of their hard efforts go to waste.

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Apex Legends dev confirms Rampart buff coming in Season 7

Published: 21/Oct/2020 6:53 Updated: 21/Oct/2020 12:57

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Rampart has been a little underwhelming since joining the Apex Legends roster, but she’s in for a nice buff in the Season 7 update and fans have been trying to guess what it might include.

Apex Legends introduced Rampart back in Season 6, and although she seemed enticing at first, she quickly fell out of favor.

Players voiced their concerns on social media, describing her as ‘weak’ and ‘broken.’ “Am I tripping or is she seriously weak?” said a player in a Reddit thread. “She is one of the worst in the game,” said another.

Of course, it’s not all whining and complaining. One player took it a step further and tried to pinpoint exactly what he thought the problem was. “Her accuracy on the turret is broken,” he said. The list goes on, and on, and on. Most of the criticism seems to revolve around her ultimate. The consensus is that while her minigun makes her powerful, it leaves her vulnerable.

Apex Legends Rampart Buff
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart was added to the Apex Legends roster in Season 6.

Rampart buff confirmed

As a discussion took place over what players can expect in the October 22 update, a user on Reddit said they would “love to hear about Rampart’s buff.” They also wanted to know about potential Mirage changes.

Respawn game designer Daniel Klien, who focuses on Legend changes, responded, saying, “Both of those are in! Keep an eye out for the patch notes; I don’t wanna spoil stuff before.”

Apex Legends comment on reddit about Rampart buffs

Nobody knows exactly what the buff will entail, but it’s fair to say that players would be open to just about anything at this point. Some of the suggestions have been great, so it’s possible that one or more of them will come to fruition.

Apex Legends Rampart Buff
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart might be weak now, but she won’t be for much longer.

Potential Rampart buffs?

It’s erupted into quite a discussion, and players have bounced around ideas on how she can be improved.

Some suggested she should be able to hold her minigun like a heavy weapon but with a small movement penalty. That way, she’d be less vulnerable and it would fix the issue.

Others thought that would be a bit much and potentially make her overpowered. Instead, they think she should be able to pick up and drop the minigun at will. 

Either way, Apex Legends players have made it pretty clear that Rampart needs a buff. Thankfully, their prayers have been answered.

Apex Legends Season 7 is set to begin on November 10!