Dixie D’Amelio’s chef speaks out after “disrespectful” snail drama

Chef Aaron May is shown next to a photo of Dixie D'Amelio.YouTube: The Hollywood Fix / The D'Amelio Family

The D’Amelio family chef has spoken out after Dixie stirred up backlash online for turning down a snail on her plate, leading hordes of critics to call her out for purportedly “disrespectful” behavior.

The D’Amelio sisters have found themselves at the center of internet controversy due to the latest episode of “Dinner with the D’Amelio’s,” a YouTube series where the family sits down for dinner with a special guest.

The November 16 episode of the YouTube show saw Charli D’Amelio joke about being disappointed in not reaching 100 million followers in a year’s time, which sparked outrage among fans who felt she was being “entitled.”

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However, the spotlight has since shifted to Dixie, who flipped out and gagged after noticing Chef Aaron May had placed a snail on her plate.

Chef Aaron May dinner with the D'Amelio familyYouTube: The D'Amelio Family
Chef Aaron May cooked up a several-course meal for the D’Amelio family – a dinner that has since gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

While it makes sense that not everyone would be jazzed about eating a slimy animal, the internet is not holding back in their criticism of the TikTok star, taking offense at her behavior toward a meal that had been carefully prepared for her.

Although Chef May didn’t speak about the drama initially, paparazzi caught up with the culinary pro on November 18, allowing him to explain his side of the situation.

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The chef clarified that it had been production’s idea to sneak the snails onto Dixie and Charli’s plates, which resulted in their over-the-top reactions — but he’s not taking it personally.

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“You know, somebody on production thought it would be funny to feed Dixie and Charli snails,” he explained. “They didn’t take it the best. I love Dixie and Charli. I’ve worked with them before, I’m gonna work with them again. I think it’s a little blown out of proportion.”

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“I would call it ‘fake news,’” he said of the drama that unfolded after the episode went live. “Those girls are the greatest. I love them. It was all fun and games.”

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Dixie herself has issued an apology to Chef May and her fans over the matter, similarly clarifying that the entire ordeal was all in good fun and that she has no hard feelings toward her family chef over the snail incident.

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It seems that fans of the girls are now decrying the social media backlash that resulted from the video — which has since caused Charli D’Amelio to lose over 500,000 followers on TikTok.