Dixie D’Amelio roasted on TikTok over terrible sunburn

Dixie D'Amelio laughs off sunburn teasing tiktokHulu / TikTok: dixiedamelio

TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio is getting roasted by her fans after uploading a few videos boasting a serious sunburn on her face.

Dixie D’Amelio is a bonafide TikTok celebrity with over 57 million followers on the viral video app.

On top of her status as a social media star, Dixie is also breaking into the music biz, most recently traveling with Big Time Rush for their ‘Forever’ tour.

However, it seems as though the eldest D’Amelio sister is taking some time off to enjoy the sand and sun if her latest sunburn is anything to go by.

On August 1, Dixie uploaded several TikToks in her social tourist sweat set — but fans couldn’t help but notice that her face was bright red, seemingly catching one too many rays during this historically hot summer season.

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“Omg I need the sun cream you use,” one user wrote, poking fun at the TikToker’s new sunkissed look.

“Sunscreen ate,” another joked.

“Omg what sunscreen did you use?” another user sarcastically asked. “It works so good.”

Luckily, it looks like Dixie is taking the teasing in stride, as she replied to the above comment with good-humored “lmaoo.”

Dixie tiktok comments roast sunburnTikTok: dixiedamelio

That’s not all; Dixie also shed a tear after a fan came to her defense, writing: “Dixie, you are beautiful and whoever says otherwise is horrible.”

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This isn’t the first time Dixie has hung with the best of them after being teased; when her wardrobe went viral during her performance on Big Time Rush’s tour, she admitted that she found the incident funny and even retweeted tweets pointing it out.

For now, Dixie is recovering from her wild sunburn — and celebrating the success of her new song, Someone to Blame.