Dixie D’Amelio responds to backlash for giving shoutout to a verified TikToker

Dixie D'Amelio poses in a mirrorInstagram: dixiedamelio

TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio has addressed backlash on Twitter after she was criticized for awarding a verified creator her ‘Creator of the Month’ spotlight, reminding fans that “anyone can win.”

Dixie D’Amelio shot to global success within the past year thanks to her extraordinary popularity on the app TikTok. She’s even ended up collaborating with some huge stars such as Liam Payne and has been making huge leaps in her music career.

But now, Dixie wants to give back to the same community that gave her her platform, and on December 28 announced via a TikTok video that she was launching a ‘Creator of the Month’ scheme.

She explained that the chosen creator would get a PR package full of “all the things you would need to help grow your account,” and would give the selected winner a chance to talk to Dixie herself and other creators to get advice.

Fans were encouraged to post their entry videos via the hashtag ‘pickedbydixie’ for a chance to be featured as the very first Creator of the Month.

On January 2, Dixie announced the first winner to be featured was frishtaxx, a verified creator with 275,000 followers.

However, some fans were disappointed by the announcement as they felt it was unfair that the winner already had hundreds of thousands of followers. “Why did you pick someone that already is making money and has tons of views on TikTok?” one commenter said, echoed by many other users.

Shortly after, Dixie then responded to the backlash via additional Tweets. “I see some comments of people being upset because she is verified and has 300K followers,” she began.

“Like I said before, anyone can win. There might be smaller creators in the future and there might be bigger creators. But there are still 300 million people on the app.”

She went on to say, “I’m so thankful for everyone who made the videos but please don’t hate her for being picked. I worked with my team to pick, and plan on having a lot of winners. This is only the first. No need to be upset.”

It perhaps wasn’t the response to the kind gesture that Dixie initially anticipated, but with this being only the first month of the scheme there will likely be a broad range of creators being featured in the future.