Dixie D’Amelio responds to rumors of Olivia Rodrigo collab

Dixie D'Amelio next to Olivia RodrigoInstagram: dixiedamelio / oliviarodrigo

TikTok sensation Dixie D’Amelio has responded to rumors that she might collaborate on music with ‘Drivers License’ singer Olivia Rodrigo.

Dixie D’Amelio is one of the biggest names on TikTok, with over 57 million followers on her main account. Since she became popular on the app, the star has also launched a career in music, with songs like ‘One Whole Day’ and ‘Be Happy.’

The TikToker has had the opportunity to collab with some big names in the industry such as Liam Payne, and is even set to go on tour with the band Big Time Rush.

Olivia Rodrigo is another huge name in the industry right now, and she originally blew up thanks to her song ‘Drivers License’ which was a huge hit on social media. She’s since gone on to release her debut album SOUR in 2021 which remains extraordinarily popular even now.

Olivia Rodrigo holding her Sour recordInstagram: oliviarodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo celebrated the release of her debut album, SOUR, in summer 2021.

In an interview in early March, D’Amelio opened up about her friendship with Rodrigo, and responded to rumors they are working on a collaboration.

“I mean, we’ve just like, met a couple times and were like, ‘we’re the same age, we do similar things, what’s up?’ I mean that’s pretty much it, that’s how I make friends nowadays, I don’t know, nothing too crazy.”

When asked whether they’d talked about making music together, Dixie responded, “definitely not. I try to keep my friendships, friendships, and not business transactions as much. I think everyone I work with, it’s like, real, and that’s what I want it to be. But the friends that I have, we never talk about it unless it happens. Everything that happens, it happens on accident. And I think that’s perfect.”

It looks like the two stars won’t be collaborating any time soon, but Dixie seems to have plenty of exciting music-related projects planned for the future regardless.