Dixie D’Amelio admits ‘Psycho’ lyric mixup was partly a “publicity stunt”

Dixie D'Amelio takes a selfieInstagram: dixiedamelio

Following the release of her new song ‘Psycho,’ TikTok sensation Dixie D’Amelio has revealed the real reason she appears to sing “shyco” in some parts of the song.

With over 54 million followers on TikTok, Dixie is one of the platform’s biggest stars, and like several others on the platform, she has gone on to launch a music career which has allowed her to collab with some big celebrities and release several hit songs.

Although her music gets mixed reviews, there’s always a buzz online when she releases a new single, often teasing it through a short clip on TikTok.

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But fans were baffled after she released a snippet of her new song ‘Psycho,’ completely convinced that they actually heard her singing “shyco,” or even “shy girl” instead.

Dixie D'Amelio explains story behind psycho songYouTube: The Zach Sang Show
Dixie has been having great success with her viral songs.

When the song was released in full, it appeared that the pronunciation had been fixed, which lead many to believe that it could have been for publicity.

Now, in a premier party video for the release of the music video for the song, Dixie has explained exactly what happened.

“The demo of the song was super autotuned. It had a thing where it sounded like it said ‘shyco.’ So we replicated that for the real song, so it was like ‘yeah it’s cool, people will get it.’ People didn’t get it. So we changed it, but it’s still in the end of the song.”

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In response to a comment about the song being edited, Dixie later said: “It was part publicity stunt. I just know how the internet works a little bit. Like, I kind of know what I’m doing. I mean I did the same with ‘F***boy,’ and we did that with ‘One Whole Day.’ And y’all just keep falling for it.”

Although some may have been surprised it was for publicity, it clearly worked in Dixie’s favor, as it helped generate a substantial amount of interest in the track.