Dixie & Charli D’Amelio explain why they “freaked out” meeting David Dobrik

David Dobrik with the D'Amelio sistersYouTube: VIEWS

Dixie and Charli D’Amelio both “freaked out” upon meeting David Dobrik for the first time. Here’s why the internet-famous sisters were so nervous.

The D’Amelio’s might be two of the biggest stars on social media but even they get nervous around certain celebrities. For two of TikTok’s most popular names, it was YouTube sensation David Dobrik that caused them to “freak out.”

Despite having met beforehand, the two were visibly timid around Dobrik at the start of his latest interview. “These two walked in here so f***ing nervous,” he said at the start of the February 24 upload.

“They still kind of are but you walked in here… didn’t make a single sound… why?” Dobrik asked. It turns out, both Dixie and Charli are superfans of his.


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When looking to get them on his new show ‘VIEWS,’ Dobrik FaceTimed with the D’Amelio’s. As soon as they got out of the call, Dixie and Charli FaceTimed each other. “We were both freaking out,” Dixie said. “We’ve both met you before but we were freaking out. You’re David Dobrik.” 

“We grew up watching you,” Charli added. “I watched you every day before school. I’ve seen all of your vlogs.” David was shocked, describing their stories as the “sweetest thing. I just can’t wrap my head around it.”

At the first meeting, months prior to the new video, the D’Amelios met Dobrik with Addison Rae. “Addison said when you guys went to the bathroom you had a freak out in there,” he explained to them.

This story was completely accurate. “I didn’t know how to act,” Dixie joked about their first meeting. ”I was absolutely losing my mind. I was freaking out.” 

“We never told you this because we were embarrassed, but we just went into the bathroom and had a little panic attack,” the D’Amelio’s said according to Rae.

Clearly massive fans of the YouTube star, the D’Amelio’s were able to keep cool this time around.

They got through the near-hour-long chat with one of their idols but it goes to show, even some of the most popular celebrities still have their ‘freak out’ moments.