‘Disney adult’ sparks TikTok debate for crying over Goofy in viral clip

Disney adult sparks viral tiktok debateUnsplash.com: @nilats / TikTok: everydayisdisney

A ‘Disney adult’ is sparking a heated debate online for sharing a TikTok of herself bursting into tears after meeting Goofy at the ‘Happiest Place on Earth.’

‘Disney adults’ is a term generally used to describe adults who are obsessed with everything Disney — be it the cartoons we grew up watching as kids, or newer releases that the younger generation is enjoying.

There’s nothing wrong with liking what you like, of course, but some folks feel like Disney adults take things too far. (Remember that viral Reddit post where a user bought a non-Disney toy for their niece’s birthday, and their sister threw it out because it wasn’t Disney-related?)

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A TikToker is now being dubbed a ‘Disney adult’ after sharing a teary moment at Disney World. The TikToker, Sarah, burst into tears after getting the chance to hug Goofy after waiting “three years” for the opportunity in a video that’s garnered over a million views.

TikToker goes viral for crying over Goofy at Disney park

Disney World Unsplash Guillermo GRUnsplash.com: Guillermo GR
A TikToker’s emotional experience at Disney World has sparked a heated debate.

“I can’t remember the last time I cried this hard,” she wrote in the TikTok’s caption. “It might sound silly, but my papa’s favorite character was Goofy, and when I hug Goofy, it’s like hugging my papa again. Thank you so much @disneyparks for making real magic for me today.”

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‘Disney adult’ TikTok splits opinion

While the short clip certainly captures an emotional and important moment for Sarah, not everyone is as enthused about the situation as she is.

“Disney adults, I swear,” one user wrote.

Disney Adult comment 1

“Aaaand this is why Disney is absolutely unbearable to visit,” another said.

Disney adult comment 2

“The guy in the suit was probably embarrassed for her,” another user chimed in.

Disney adult comment 3

However, others are sticking up for Sarah in the comments, with one TikToker — who claims to be a Disney character actor at the parks — saying that moments like these are what makes their jobs worth doing.

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“Disney character performer here!” they wrote. “This is the reason why we go to work every day. This performer loved every bit of this. So happy for you, love.”

disney adult comment 4

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that this was a big deal for Sarah, who thanked other positive commenters before rolling along with her usual Disney-themed content.

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