DisguisedToast explains why he’s back on Twitch despite Facebook deal

Isaac McIntyre
Twitter: DisguisedToast / Twitch

Streaming superstar Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang has cleared the air on why he returned to Twitch for a Just Chatting broadcast on April 22, despite having inked an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming just six months ago.

April 22 seemed like a regular day for Toast. He went live on Twitch, and streamed for just over two hours. More than 20k fans tuned in. Nothing out of the ordinary ⁠— except he’s not been seen on Twitch since November last year.

Six months ago, Toast penned an exclusive deal with Facebook as the social media giant muscled into the streaming wars. Since then, his Twitch channel has sat dormant. That is, until he shocked fans with a return this week.

DisguisedToast stunned fans with an unannounced return to Twitch on April 22.Twitter: DisguisedToast
DisguisedToast stunned fans with an unannounced return to Twitch on April 22.

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So how did DisguisedToast return to Twitch?

So how did Toast get away with a shock return on Twitch, considering he’s tied his name to Facebook for the foreseeable future? Well, according to the man himself, it was surprisingly simple ⁠— he just asked if he could.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before… but I’m allowed to. I said to Facebook ‘Hey, think I might be able to do a stream on Twitch?’ and they replied: ‘Toast, you got get ‘em! You go get ‘em! That’s been nice,” he said.

There have been a few concessions he had to make in his return though. Twitch has stripped his verified tick mark, and many of his partnership benefits. Viewers also cannot subscribe to him, though it’s likely he prefers that anyway.

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DisguisedToast isn’t back on Twitch full-time

DisguisedToast also made it very clear this was a “small return,” rather than anything a little more permanent. He’s “so happy on Facebook,” he admitted, and added if he had a chance to re-do the deal, he would “100% do it again.”

“Getting to play whatever I want, when I want, with whoever I want… it has been good for my mental. I’ve changed now. I was so angry at chat [on Twitch]. When chat said anything I’d be like ‘Imma beat yo’ ass’. I’ve been more relaxed,” he said.

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There is a chance he’ll be back again though. The streaming star revealed a big part of his return was Facebook’s lack of support for non-gaming broadcasts. While he’s not gaming, it’s likely those streams will once again be on Twitch.

“We’ll see how this one goes. Maybe a monthly, maybe a weekly? We’ll see how it goes… I did just want to come back and say hi to everyone [that didn’t follow me to Facebook]. Maybe we can make this a more regular thing,” he said.

In the end, Toast’s short return to Twitch peaked at 24,532 viewers, according to stat tracking website TwitchTracker. He landed in the top 10 streams during his two-hour broadcast, even amid the ongoing Valorant key-drop hype.

His triumphant return begs the question ⁠— could we see other big streamers like Mixer’s star duo shroud and Ninja, or YouTube’s Valkyrae make a brief return too? Only time will tell, but it certainly seems like it’s left the door ajar now.