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Disguised Toast trolls Sykkuno fans by pretending to be him on Twitch

Published: 12/May/2022 11:55

by James Busby


Popular Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang recently trolled Sykkuno fans by pretending to be him on Twitch. 

Following on from Sykkuno’s recent move to YouTube, the popular streamer has been busy building his fanbase over on his new platform. So far, his channel has 2.8 million subscribers, with this figure steadily growing as each day goes by. 

While his departure from Twitch came as a surprise to many long-time fans, the popular content creator still continues to pull in viewers with his light-hearted content. However, in order to capitalize on his departure from Twitch, Disguised Toast hatched the perfect plan. 


Disguised Toast trolls Sykkuno fans on Twitch

During his recent Valorant stream, Disguised Toast decided to host Sykkuno’s YouTube stream on his channel. Toast even changed the title of his video to “definitely Sykkuno here, support me with those Twitch Primes.” 

Instead of switching on his camera and greeting his viewers, Toast continued to let the stream play. However, his absence from the Valorant party didn’t go unnoticed and Sykkuno quickly voiced his confusion. 

“I’m confused as to what’s happening, guys. There’s literally nobody here. Toast is being me on Twitch, is that legal?” the streamer asked. This silence was quickly broken when Disguised Toast unmuted himself and demanded Sykkuno talk about Twitch Prime. 


It was at this moment that Valkyrae interjected and explained how viewers could help content creators by using Twitch Prime to subscribe to their channel.

“We have fun here, we goofing. Now hopefully I don’t get sued by either platform,” said Toast. “I guess the only person that could sue me, would be you Sykkuno.” 

Whether Disguised Toast’s latest stunt will net him with more Twitch subs or a warning from both streaming platforms remains to be seen. Either way, his posing as Sykkuno led to a lot of laughs from both his chat and Sykkuno himself.