Disguised Toast reveals most surprising part of Tribe Nine anime debut

Disguised Toast/Funimation

Popular Twitch streamer, Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has revealed what it was like to voice a character in an anime, giving his fans a sneak peek into his debut. 

Disguised Toast recently made his voice acting debut in Tribe Nine – a new action anime that focuses on adrenaline baseball battles. However, unlike regular baseball matches, players are allowed to use a variety of technology and even violence to get an edge over their opponents. 

Popular streamers like Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, and Sykkuno also played roles within the show, which makes it particularly appealing to any fans of their content. Now that the 12-episode anime has officially been released, Disguised Toast has shared what it was like working with Funimation, and how he found a role as one of the show’s characters. 

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Disguised Toast on his anime debut

Tribe Nine anime posterFunimation
Tribe Nine features plenty of famous streamers and voice actors.

“I went into a very small office, no cap, it was just two rooms,” explained Toast. “It was just the main room and a booth. It was a tiny, tiny office. I was surprised at how small it was because it’s an anime on Funimation, I thought it would be super professional. It was, but it was just tiny.”

The streamer played Amigops – a ninja who uses his killed kicks to decimate his foes. “I had the easy job,” explained the content creator. All I had to do was grunt.” Toast then showcased the scene where he battles one of the main characters.

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Timestamp of 2:32

“Damn, I’m pretty good at this. It really sounded like I was kicking him in the head. What’s funny is if you listen to the Japanese version, the ninja doesn’t actually make a sound. They specifically added my sound effects to the English dub.”

When discussing how he found his first anime voice acting role, Disguised Toast revealed that he was a little shocked at first. “I didn’t realize how simple it was to voice act in production, because it was pretty much just showing up, going into a room, start talking or start making noise. You [also] just leave right after.”

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If you wish to Disguised Toast and other popular streamers in action, be sure to check out Tribe Nine over on the official Funimation website.

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