Disguised Toast reveals biggest concern about Japan trip with OTV friends

Disguised Toast streaming in JapanDisguised Toast

Popular Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has revealed his biggest concern about the OfflineTV Japan trip. 

With the members of OTV now in Japan, Disguised Toast and his friends have been busy sharing IRL streams of their adventures. With the likes of Scarra, LilyPichu, Michael Reeves, QuarterJade, Yvonne, and Valkyrae, OTV fans can expect plenty of fun-filled moments. 

Of course, like most trips, there’s always a mixture of excitement and a little apprehension that comes with exploring an unfamiliar destination. This is especially true when traveling to a country you have minimal experience in. 

However, for Toast, his biggest concern didn’t involve the usual travel woes and worries. Instead, the streamer outlined his comical concern during his recent stream, which sent his chat into hysterics. 

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Disguised Toast reveals biggest OTV Japan trip concern

While the cast of OTV has been busy exploring Japan and enjoying the food and surrounding cityscapes, there is one activity Toast isn’t looking forward to. “We might still do the spa (onsen) thing where we have to look at each other naked,” the streamer said. 

It’s important to note that traditional onsen etiquette requires people to enter the hot spring unclothed. Guests can bring a small towel with them to use as a washcloth, which can also help people keep their modesty when walking between the washing area and the baths. 

However, not all onsen enable this cloth to be taken into the bath itself, which is what Toast is concerned about. 

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“That’s all I’ve been thinking about, like when the time comes, am I going to be able to do it? I don’t know, I haven’t decided. You don’t want to be the guy that doesn’t do it. We have four dudes in OTV, and with staff, it’s about 5 dudes. It’s an all-in or we’re all out kind of deal.” 

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The streamer previously discussed this very situation with LilyPichu, who couldn’t help but laugh as he explained his comical concern. However, it’s certainly something that has been playing heavily on Toast’s mind. 

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“I would have to live with the fact that I know every man’s penis looks like in OTV,” said Toast. “I don’t think it will affect me that much, but it’s something I’d have to live with. I think everyone will have a normal penis, but even if they don’t, I’m not going to judge, but I will live with that knowledge.” 

Toast then began to laugh and explained how he didn’t want to be the one to back out of the situation, even if it was a little awkward. “I could just not look, I think that’s the play. I’m going to tell the guys that I’m going to meet them at eye level. I am not going to flick my eyes down.” 

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Toast has a few days to decide whether he will take the plunge or not, but regardless, the streamer will certainly have both a memorable story to tell and an eye-opening experience.