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Disguised Toast explains why he returned to social media, but doesn’t interact

Published: 19/Mar/2022 6:30 Updated: 19/Mar/2022 5:16

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang explained why he doesn’t interact with people on social media despite returning, revealing he still has everything muted for the sake of his mental health.

In July 2021, Disguised Toast decided to step away from social media — specifically Twitter — because it negatively impacted his mental health.

He returned a couple of months later but has barely interacted with anyone on it, including his friends.

He explained why in a YouTube video posted on March 18, revealing that he still has practically everything on the platform muted and only uses it to promote his streams even though he can’t see any replies.


Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast has limited what he can see on social media.

“I didn’t delete my Twitter. I just removed all my tweets and essentially muted everyone I followed,” he explained. “I didn’t block them because when you block them, you unfollow them, and they can’t see your tweets.”

He did that because he didn’t want to offend other streamers. “When it comes to influencers and streamers, they are very dramatic. A block or unfollow is the biggest insult you can give another influencer, apparently.”

Since ‘returning,’ he has posted here and there to promote his streams but doesn’t interact with anyone because he still has everything muted.


“I no longer see any posts from anyone or any of the replies to my tweets.

“[It] was destroying my mental health. I would see a streamer post a selfie and see positive comments from people [despite knowing they] talk sh*t behind their back. I couldn’t handle that.”

Abstaining from social media interaction hasn’t impacted his popularity in the slightest. He won the Best Strategy Game Streamer award at The Streamer Awards and was nominated for Best Variety Streamer.

It’s not all that surprising since Toast’s fans get plenty of interaction with him on-stream, regardless of whether he’s making insane plays on Hearthstone or getting saved by Sykkuno from Elden Ring invaders.