Disguised Toast on why he decided to stay in Japan following OTV trip

Disguised Toast streaming in JapanDisguised Toast

Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has revealed why he’s staying in Japan and not returning to LA.

The two-week OTV Japan trip has come to an end for the members of the popular entertainment group. Not only did their latest adventure prove to be incredibly popular amongst viewers, but it has also made a huge impact on many of the members’ lives, especially for Disguised Toast.

In fact, the popular streamer had previously revealed that the Japan trip had changed his attitude toward streaming and money. He also voiced his concerns over returning to LA as it didn’t “seem as enticing anymore.”

This obviously raised questions over whether Toast would be quitting OTV, but for now, the content creator has decided to stay in Japan. Here’s exactly what Disguised Toast had to say on the subject.

Disguised Toast explains Japan trip extension

“I thought about going back to the states and then I realized something. Back in the states, the highlight of my week was Sussy Sunday,” said Toast. “Don’t get me wrong, Sussy Sunday is a Sunday, it is a day, but should it really be the highlight of my week?”

For many streamers, creating content and entertaining thousands of viewers can get rather difficult, especially when you’re not really enjoying the process. Toast went on to reveal that his current life in LA has become rather stagnant.

“I kind of know everything that is going to happen if I go back to LA,” explained Toast. “Maybe someone will ask me to play Valorant for the day, maybe I try this game at night, maybe I go on and do a podcast at the OTV house, then Sussy Sunday on Sunday.”

“I could just imagine me living my life day to day. At least in Japan, I feel like it’s definitely harder but more different.” When asked how long Toast would stay in Japan, the streamer revealed that he didn’t actually book a return flight.

“Turns out, if you just don’t get on the plane, you can just stay in Japan…I’m here legally chat before you start calling the cops,” joked Toast. “Our visa is a one-time entry so you can enter the country one time, with the visa we got, but if you leave you can’t come back, you have to get a new visa.”

Toast’s current visa lasts for 90 days and took two months to acquire, so he plans to take full advantage of this extra time. Whether he’ll stay for the entire duration remains to be seen, but for now, expect to see more Disguised Toast streams live from Japan.