Disguised Toast may bring back Twitch’s TV meta with Naruto watch parties

Terry Oh
Disguised Toast
Twitch: Disguised Toast / Viz Media

Despite copyright strikes becoming a prevailing issue on Twitch, Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang shares plans for Naruto Shippuden watch parties on stream with timeline shooting for the end of the upcoming year.

The ‘TV meta’ took Twitch by storm early in 2022 as streamers toed the lines with copyright rules to broadcast TV shows and anime to thousands of fans. Disguised Toast was a big proponent of the meta, really popularizing it by streaming Naruto and other shows on his channel.

While it died off after numerous strikes and bans were handed out, it could be coming back — with Toast once again leading the charge.

When mentioning the idea on the Offline TV podcast in front of guest star and anime YouTuber Gigguk, he exclaimed “you’re playing with fire man!”

Toast has planned to watch more Naruto Shippuden on stream, but is wary of getting more copyright strikes against his channel. He already has one from the first TV meta, and another would put him on a knife’s edge.

If any streamer gains three strikes they’re out: Twitch permanently bans them from the platform. Therefore he has two more strikes before permanently losing his channel.

“They don’t just delete your channel, they will stop you from creating new channels and you can’t appear on anyone else’s stream,” Toast explained.

However, when discussing his reasoning as to why he wants to stream Naruto Shippuden, he stated: “I like doing things that are… interesting.”

Though he doesn’t elaborate too much on this, as it’s clearly a secret, he’s been known for experimenting with Twitch before. His plan to stream Naruto is likely in correlation with Toast’s mentality that there’s a potential partnership to be had with broadcast companies and streamers.

There’s a lot to be hashed out in regards to legal ramifications, but Toast believes in the potential of this idea.

“The reason why Twitch doesn’t take action against these infringements, legally, if they do it without a report, they are admitting there is infringement happening on the platform. If you do it for one, then you have to do it for all.”

Disguised Toast hasn’t fully committed on this idea yet, but he is clearly thinking about the big picture.

If he does receive a copyright strike while attempting this project though, then he’ll forgo all risk taking shenanigans in the future.